Mohan Jayaraj Shanmugam

Mohan Jayaraj Shanmugam
CEO & Director of Operations, Devaki Hi-Energy Batteries Private Limited. (DHEBPL)

Mohan Jayaraj Shanmugam is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director of Operations for the venture Devaki Hi-Energy Batteries Private Limited. (DHEBPL). DHEBPL is channel partner of Eternity Technologies FZ-LLC, United Arab Emirates (UAE), for India. This new venture imports motive power battery cells from Eternity Technologies FZ-LLC, UAE. The batteries are then made available to the customers in India.

Mohan Jayaraj has an extensive experience in batteries and motive power. Mohan began his career as a Financial Analyst with one of the globally leading Information Technology company and gained abundant knowledge in the field of finance and accounting.

In the year 2009, Mohan joined his family business of manufacturing Lead and Lead Acid Storage Batteries. Mohan is now the third generation businessman from his family. While growing his family business, Mohan has travelled extensively to different parts of world,

gaining exposure in International markets in the field of Lead, Automotive and Industrial batteries. Mohan involved himself in not only import sourcing of lead from lead smelters and lead traders, but also export of lead, lead alloys and lead oxides, lead acid storage batteries globally.

Taking a step ahead, Mohan went on to establish multiple successful ventures in Dubai, UAE in the year 2012. With this he never looked back and started his journey to become a successful businessman.

Mohan in his business has also exported high volume of motive power batteries, traction batteries for Forklifts, Material Handling Equipments to Middle East and African countries.   Mohan with his deep knowledge and exposure in industrial batteries in International markets for different applications has been instrumental in developing business at international level.

Mohan has a unique leadership style. He pitches his idea of sales and production with confidence. Having pursued his Bachelors in commerce from Bangalore University, Mohan went ahead to take up Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Visveswaraiah Technological University. A person who loves exploring new things and enjoys taking challenges; Mohan has taken up Devaki Hi-Energy Batteries Private Limited under Make in India initiative. Being a passionate learner, he also took up a post graduate diploma in criminology and forensic science, Annamalai University and Master of Science in psychology, University of Madras.

With an aim to increase the business and introduce new aspects of business, Mohan has taken up a role of CEO in expanding the new venture not only in India but also on a global platform. Being focused and a visionary, Mohan Jayaraj is passionate about providing the best quality products and unmatched service after sales surpassing the expectations of the customers in the market.