Radhakrishnan Methil

Radhakrishnan Methil
Executive Director, Devaki Hi-Energy Batteries Private Limited. (DHEBPL)

Radhakrishnan Methil, a mechanical engineer from Kolkata University has over 37 years of experience in the engineering industry. Starting his career as an engineering trainee, he made his way to different levels, in one of the leading companies with almost 20 years of hard work.

Radhakrishnan is currently working with a French subsidiary company based in Kolkata as a managing director. Radhakrishnan has worked his way to the top and has gained experience in business development, engineering and project management, and general administration. Working in innumerable companies he has mentored young teams and has proved himself to be a great leader.

Radhakrishnan is currently working on multiple projects in India. These projects include him on working on different profiles that include business development, HR, gross margin, cash flow management, inter subsidiary business development, which imparts project management

skill in line with corporate office in Paris. The skills also include development of manufacturing capability through vendors that enables achieving more than 90 % of equipments sourced in India. The company that right now Radhakrishnan is helping to grow is an Indian company with a turnover of 200 Crore INR.

Radhakrishnan, who also pursued Bachelor of Science, has 37 year of all-round experience in business development, project management and construction management in executing EPC contracts for power plant, metals and mineral, ore beneficiation plant bulk material handling plants. With this wide experience and knowledge, Radhakrishnan is now ready to take up the charge in Devaki Hi-Energy Batteries Private Limited as an Executive Director. And with the experience of Radhakrishnan, DHEBPL is ready to climb the ladder of success.