Sundaran Eratta

Sundaran Eratta
Founder and Managing Director, Devaki Hi-Energy Batteries Private Limited (DHEBPL)

Sundaran Eratta, acting as a founder and managing director for Devaki Hi-Energy Batteries Pvt Ltd, is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and a businessman. This talented leader has more than 50 years of experience in the respective field to his credit. Sundaran with his abundant knowledge and experience has decided to introduce and expand Devaki Hi-Energy at a global market. DHEBPL is channel partner of Eternity Technologies FZ-LLC, UAE, for India.

Sundaran Eratta, a first generation entrepreneur from the family, has Devaki Engineering Enterprises Pvt Ltd to his credit. Devaki Engineering Enterprises is one of the leading battery equipment manufacturers in India that focuses on supply of Capital Goods Equipments to small, medium and large battery manufacturing industries.

Apart from Devaki Engineering Enterprises, Sundaran has Indira Rubber & Plastics Pvt Ltd and Power Build Batteries Pvt Ltd that he grew with. Indira Rubber & Plastics was one of a kind

project, as small-scale industry for manufacturing of hard rubber and plastic battery containers and accessories. Howsoever, Power Build Batteries Pvt Ltd introduced the lead acid batteries and its components to the country and the world, manufactured skilfully under the leadership of Sundaran Eratta.

A man passionate about batteries, his ventures speak for his success and experience. Having invested his time in the field of batteries, Sundaran is not a new name among the battery manufacturers in India and on a global platform.

Having more than 50 years of experience in the field Sundaran still continues to do what he does even at the age of 76. Sundaran and his ventures remain one among the leading players in India. Sundaran has set benchmarks and milestones that any business person will struggle to achieve. DHEBPL has opted to make the most of his experience to grow in the field of batteries.